Wheelchair, engage!

Wheelchair controls come in all shapes and sizes. My electric chair is controlled through a pretty traditional joystick system, but I have friends who control their chairs with things like sensors on their headrest or a straw that controls the chair through blows and sucks. But apparently the people at MIT are working on a voice-controlled wheelchair. Apparently it will work a little something like this,

This wheelchair is intended for those who may not have the physical mobility to utilize a standard joystick, and as well for those who may have progressive muscular diseases.  Not only will it operate from voice commands, because it is a robot it can learn the common routes a person takes throughout their day and carry them out via commands.  David Hatch, one of the designers and a retired engineer coping with Multiple Sclerosis says, “I like the idea of telling my chair where to go.” (via EmpowerAbility, LLC)

It all sounds very cool, except I’m a little concerned what might happen if I was in one of these chairs, got upset with someone and said “Screw off!”