To The Lovely Business Owners of London

So, we love local businesses. Because we live downtown we frequent them almost exclusively. But we admit we kind of screwed around with them at last weekend’s Stairbomb (pictures of which can be seen here). Most people we talked to were unfazed, bemused or guiltily–but inactively–peeved by our little prank. But we realize some people… Continue reading To The Lovely Business Owners of London

Operation: Stairbomb London

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Cripz: A Webcomic going online, we’re asking everyone to grab their caution tape and shut down as many stairways as possible. What is Stairbombing? Stairbombing was invented to help people understand (and empathize) with why accessibility is important, by “closing down” stairways with caution tape and a snarky “Out… Continue reading Operation: Stairbomb London

Intervention: Ridiculous

Recently, the London Free Press printed a great article outlining the decision by London City Council to invest $12m to install audible cross walk buttons around the city. Unfortunately, the article was then followed up the next day with an absolutely brutal poll on the LFP’s website asking: “Spending $12M on London crosswalk traffic-light buttons… Continue reading Intervention: Ridiculous

Intervention: Volume 2 — Western (un)Fair

Some other reasons not to go to a fair… Babies (and pre-teens, who are like babies only they kick harder when you pinch their cheeks). Games you can never win…it’s like being a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Carnies. There are carnies at fairs still, right? Vomiting (both food and ride related). Cattle wrangling/Cock… Continue reading Intervention: Volume 2 — Western (un)Fair

An Intervention: Fact vs Fiction

This week’s comic is the first in a many, many part series called “Interventions,” in which Rhett and Griff comment on some topical issues that have been bouncing around in the media, especially those particularly insane or ludicrous (or Ludacris…dependent on your tastes). Today’s steaming pile of brilliance comes from the Balmy Beach area of Toronto, where a… Continue reading An Intervention: Fact vs Fiction