Rhythm and Soul

In the interest of moving forward the disability rights movement, Clara and Jeff would like to offer a special Cripz prize to whoever creates the dubstep anthem of our movement. Please make sure the anthem is something we can krump to. Krumping is an important part of the disability rights movement. Sidenote: Jeff and Clara… Continue reading Rhythm and Soul

Elementary, My Dear Watson

The Internets are all a-buzz about this Jeopardy-playing computer. Secretly, we hope it’s discovered days later that IBM just put a midget in a box to answer all the questions.┬áIf you get tired of trying to figure that reference out, check out this. First the War of 1812 and now this…if nothing else, Canada is… Continue reading Elementary, My Dear Watson

The Cripple Card

Trish, Jeff’s older sister, used to call him “The Poor Little Boy in a Wheelchair,” in reference to his ability to get basically whatever he wanted simply because of the wheelchair. Taking Uncle Ben’s advice, Jeff always used this power cautiously and only for good. For anyone else out there currently holding a Cripple Card,… Continue reading The Cripple Card