Stairbombing — Central Secondary School

As a person with a disability, Jeff has always had a contentious relationship with stairs. While taken for granted by most, to Jeff, a flight of stairs is a sign that boldly states “Not Welcome.” We are quick to make up excuses as to why we can’t make buildings accessible, like they’re too old or… Continue reading Stairbombing — Central Secondary School

Cripz Goes to the Movies: Twilight

As we’ve mentioned before on this site, the genesis of this comic really came from the lack of representations of disability in the mainstream media. Recently, we decided if there were no great representations then perhaps we could start inserting disabled characters into movies we all know and love (or love to hate). So, today’s… Continue reading Cripz Goes to the Movies: Twilight

Who Wears Short-Shorts

This episode is actually a set-up to next week’s episode, which will be the MOVIE EVENT OF THE SUMMER. That’s right kids, Cripz is goin’ to the movies next Wednesday so get your 3D Glasses and popcorn ready because we’re gonna put that jerk-off James Cameron to SHAME!

Where are the balls?

Jeff was watching the North American Power Hockey Tournament online when perhaps the best quote ever was uttered by the two amateur announcers: Female Announcer: “The big North American Power Hockey Cup, that’s where all the balls are.” Male Announcer: “That’s right, you just have to remember to take the balls out before putting the… Continue reading Where are the balls?

Intervention: Volume 2 — Western (un)Fair

Some other reasons not to go to a fair… Babies (and pre-teens, who are like babies only they kick harder when you pinch their cheeks). Games you can never win…it’s like being a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Carnies. There are carnies at fairs still, right? Vomiting (both food and ride related). Cattle wrangling/Cock… Continue reading Intervention: Volume 2 — Western (un)Fair