Happy Canada Day from Cripz: A Webcomic

We interrupt our regular programming for a quick “Happy Canada Day” to our Canadian readers and a somber “For the love of God, put down that box of M80s and can of gasoline” to our friends from the south. Hopefully now it makes sense why we aren’t quite as…exuberant…with our national birthday celebration now. It’s… Continue reading Happy Canada Day from Cripz: A Webcomic

I’m A Squirrel

What up. Clara here, Jeff-less in Barcelona, just letting you know that yesterday I went to a former Jewish bath-house turned lesbian-run cafe and ate acorn pie. Acorn pie! And liqueur made of roses. If you’re wondering, the pastry was lovely but the liqueur was far too sweet. Anyway, if you’re in Barcelona, check out… Continue reading I’m A Squirrel

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Come check out Visual Fringe!

Just a gentle reminder that your time to see our exhibit in Visual Fringe is quickly running out! If you haven’t yet, head down to the Arts Project to see some Cripz artwork in real life (as opposed to fake Internet life), including the original paintings and drawings used to create the comic. These original… Continue reading Come check out Visual Fringe!


First things first, it’s time to announce the winner of our FIRST Cripz Competition. Several weeks ago we asked for you to find the philosopher hidden within the comic. The winner is…..(drum roll)…Kate Deacon for spotting Michel Foucault in panel 8. Congratulations! So the boys have finally arrived at school, how exciting. Jeff wanted to point… Continue reading Multiplicity

An Intervention: Fact vs Fiction

This week’s comic is the first in a many, many part series called “Interventions,” in which Rhett and Griff comment on some topical issues that have been bouncing around in the media, especially those particularly insane or ludicrous (or Ludacris…dependent on your tastes). Today’s steaming pile of brilliance comes from the Balmy Beach area of Toronto, where a… Continue reading An Intervention: Fact vs Fiction