Intervention: Ridiculous

Recently, the London Free Press printed a great article outlining the decision by London City Council to invest $12m to install audible cross walk buttons around the city. Unfortunately, the article was then followed up the next day with an absolutely brutal poll on the LFP’s website asking: “Spending $12M on London crosswalk traffic-light buttons… Continue reading Intervention: Ridiculous

Change of Heart

Did you know Billy Bishop, the famous fighter ace from WW1, was caught with crib notes in his first year at RMC? From zero to hero. If you’ve learned nothing else from this week’s episode, now you know that if you cheat at school you’ll become a world-famous fighter pilot. It’s practically science. Good luck… Continue reading Change of Heart

Cabin Fever

Before Christmas, Londoners got a taste of what it’s like for people with mobility limitations in the winter during an intense snowstorm that dropped close to 3 feet of snow on our fair city. As the snow kept falling and the snowbanks grew higher and higher, people took to the Internets to complain about going… Continue reading Cabin Fever