Well that doesn’t look good…

In case you missed it, a few months back my life long dream of catching a police car parked in a handicapped parking zone came true: it wouldn’t have been so funny if it wasn’t so sad and absurd at the same time. Absurdity has struck again in London, as yesterday on my walk to… Continue reading Well that doesn’t look good…

Welcome to Sexville, USA

Hope you’re all digging the second season so far. We’ve got lots of great stuff coming with Halloween, football season and Christmas just around the corner. In other news, all you Fanshawe students should keep an eye out for the Interrobang in a few weeks that will be featuring a cover drawn by Clara and… Continue reading Welcome to Sexville, USA

Why I Missed the Emerging Leaders Relaunch Party

For those not in the know, last night was the Relaunch Party for a local non-profit called Emerging Leaders, an event I had been invited to but regrettably was not able to attend. For those who are curious as to why I did not go, they need look no further than the flight of stairs leading into… Continue reading Why I Missed the Emerging Leaders Relaunch Party


Given the amount of time (and cash) Clara and Jeff spend at the local comic book shop, it seemed fitting to feature the digs in our comic. Mad props to Brahm and the rest of the Heroes staff for getting us shamelessly addicted to the graphic novels: if you need a place to get great… Continue reading Heroes

Say Hello to the Bad Guy

Jeff was going to join the debate team back in high school, but apparently calling your opponent “Hitler” doesn’t mean you automatically win…even if it’s really hard to argue with anyone who just accused you of being Hitler. What do you say to that? “No I’m not” But then what if they’re like “Oh, but… Continue reading Say Hello to the Bad Guy

Well that only took 10 years…

Now that Jeff and Clara are old people, there isn’t much to look forward to when birthdays roll around. In high school, we had so much to look forward to, like turning 16 and being able to drive, 18 and being able to gamble, 19 and being able to drink, turning 21 and being able… Continue reading Well that only took 10 years…

Steal This Comic

Yo — Clara hurr. SO Kate’s finally meeting Griff.  What will this lead to?  Romance?  Murder?  Intrigue?  Only time will tell. This blog would be longer and more interesting if my crappy Internet company that I’m too kind and polite to name here (nawt, it’s Tek Savvy) wasn’t screwing me around and making it difficult… Continue reading Steal This Comic

New backbone, new layout!

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve been having some problems with the website, starting about a month ago. Just before leaving for Barcelona an update came down the chute for Webcomics, a wordpress plugin we’d been using to deploy the site. Unfortunately, this update has been nothing but problems, causing down-time and… Continue reading New backbone, new layout!