Friday Shout-Outs

For anyone on twitter, the idea of #FollowFriday is probably familiar, but for those of you who aren’t twits like me, every Friday on twitter people throw out recommendations of their favourite tweeters to educate people about good content that they may not have seen before. I’ve decided to do something similar here on Cripz,… Continue reading Friday Shout-Outs

Meeting of the GMPC Sub Committee on Future Direction

This episode is dedicated to the brave men and women who have discussions like this every day on Parliament Hill without ever hinting at the fact that it’s all a huge joke. Good work to the Government of Canada over the past week, you’re doing a great job at making stupid stuff seem really serious… Continue reading Meeting of the GMPC Sub Committee on Future Direction

Comic History: Stephen Hawking

Today’s episode is the first in a new series we’re calling “Comic History,” which depicts real events that have happened to Clara and Jeff which were simply too funny/astonishing to not share with everyone. Please be clear, these are real events that are as accurate representations of what happened as possible. Our first offering happened… Continue reading Comic History: Stephen Hawking

Time to Refocus

As you may or may not have heard, I recently decided to step back from my work with United Way to refocus my energies on finishing my Doctorate in Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. I just want to note what a fantastic experience it was working with United Way–these people are the… Continue reading Time to Refocus


Clara is drowning in a sea of essays, midterms and group projects so I’m on my own this week. Apologies for any typos, nonsense, and tomfoolery–Clara is responsible to ensure none of those things happen. Hope you enjoyed the episode and Clara and I would like to dedicate this song to the teachers in Wisconsin… Continue reading Labour