It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp

It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp
It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp
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Jeff can’t even imagine what high school would have been like with the social networking technology available to teens now-a-days. Sexting definitely complicates the dating world a bit…although Jeff probably would have still spent most of his nights playing video games. Nerd.


Cell 01
Flirty girl trying to ignore Tyler.

Yo, baby. Did you get my text earlier? The one with the picture of my abs and the message “Wanna do some laundry 2nite?”

Cell 02
Flirty girl still ignoring him, looking uncomfortable.

Well? Baby, I just wanna bust out the bounce sheets and tide you bounty.

Cell 03

Flirty Girl (embarrassed):
Can you just leave me alone?

Cell 04

Pfft. Bitch. Whatever you’re ugly anyway. I was just trying to do you a favour…

Cell 05

Hey Tyler, is it hard being such a shining example of humanity? Your mother must be so proud…

Cell 06

Shut it Komichi, you’re not much better.

Cell 07

Don’t worry, Tyler, I’m sure some day you’ll find true love.

Cell 08

When you’re older, you’ll meet a lovely woman who steals your heart. Sure, she’ll think you’re a dirt bag but I’m sure you’ll devise some way to capture and lock her in your basement for a few years.

Cell 09

Then she’ll escape, you’ll go to jail forever–no doubt stabbed to death during a dispute over cigarettes–and the world will be all the better with one less man whose is such a charming, but fragile, little snowflake.

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