Interrobang Cover: High School Election

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming for a very, very special announcement. Last week, Clara and Jeff were interviewed by an intrepid young reporter from the Interrobang and, drum roll please, we were asked to create a Cripz-themed cover for next week’s edition of Fanshawe College student newspaper. We were told next week’s edition, while also including our interview about Cripz, is focused mostly on the upcoming mayoral candidates in the upcoming election and were asked to try and make the cover about municipal politics in some way. This is what happens when Clara and Jeff talk about municipal politics for a few hours on the weekend.

As it turns out, there was a bit of a miscommunication and after producing a full strip, we were told they actually only wanted the last frame. But for being such loyal viewers, we present the full election-themed comic that was supposed to be the cover of Interrobang.