The Lazy Mexican

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The Lazy Mexican

We think it’s important to point out that Jeff hasn’t been out for Halloween since he was about 6 or 7 years old: not because he’s against it or obligated to sit it out for some weird religious reasons, but rather because he has a nasty habit of getting sick toward the end of October. We’re hoping to end the 20-year-long Halloween drought this year though, heading to a staff Halloween party in costume. Jeff is either going as Stephen Hawking (or his lesser known stripper half-brother Stephen Cawking) or as the sleepy Mexican himself, Che Guevara.  Knock on wood so he doesn’t get sick!

Oh, and Clara was inspired by some girl on the bus to consider going out for Halloween as a piece of French toast.  The question is, how do you make French toast slutty?

Anyway, today Kate is wearing clothes done by the fabulously talented DIY-er at Nice and Shiny.  The dripping necklace, the spiky leggings, and variations on the epaulet dress can be found at her shop, Modernity.  The comic book sound effect wedge shoes (which you can barely see here) aren’t on the shop, but you could probably make your own!

– Jeff & Clara