Trick o’ Treat Mah Criggas

Trick o' Treat Mah Criggas
Trick o' Treat Mah Criggas
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Do you remember when you were a kid, going out trick-or-treating, how sometimes schools would give you a Unicef box to collect money for starving children while you filled your sacks with candy? Jeff’s surprised there isn’t a larger element of philanthropy when it comes to Halloween, given the whole “giving free candy to children,” thing.

Although totally unrelated to Unicef or giving candy to kids, the Cripz team have a little request for this halloween. As you likely know, if you are a follower of Cripz, a few weeks ago Facebook “accidentally” deleted our fanpage for “offensive content.” While we did get our page back, we’re still missing quite a few of our original fans. So for this Halloween, if you love Cripz and think we’re doing good work here educating people about disability, please take a few minutes this afternoon to introduce 5 of your friends to Cripz and invite them to become fans of the Cripz fanpage. Our goal is to hit 500 fans by next Wednesday, but we can’t do it without your help, so please take a few seconds to tell your friends about Cripz and invite them to become fans of the comic.

Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy this special holiday episode of Cripz!

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