Fun with Photoshop in London

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It is either the stupidest mistake ever made or the most elaborate troll in the history of London. I am, of course, referencing the recent discovery that some photo peon inserted a poorly photoshopped image of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag skating into the 2011 London Annual Report (as seen on LFPress).

Doctored photo used in the 2011 Annual Report

Seems legit, I see them at the market all the time.

I am honestly completely and totally baffled by this decision. I have no words to explain this, but I think John Flemming, quoted city planner, is on to something here. He said the image was to be “a visionary image of what could be the possibilities.” That is a brilliant strategy to attract people to London. What is possible? Everything is possible with a little Speidi!

So in that vein I’ve decided to do some free photoshopping for London City Council. Feel free to use any of these, free of charge, in the 2012 Annual Report, guys. Please leave your own contributions below and I’ll insert them into the post.


Joe Fontana with Speidi

Joe Fontana with Speidi (click to see bigger)


Jim Bobs with Speidi

Jim Bobs with Speidi (click to see bigger)


UWO with Speidi

UWO with Speidi (click to see bigger)


Knights with Speidi

Knights with Speidi (click to see bigger)


Holy Roller with Speidi

Holy Roller with Speidi (click to see bigger)


Grand Theatre with Speidi

Grand Theatre with Speidi (click to see bigger)


City Hall with Speidi

City Hall with Speidi


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