New Job!

After two interviews and a lot of nervousness, I have officially been offered a position with the United Way of London Middlesex as their new Community Mobilizer! This is a full time, permanent position working with the Community Outreach team on youth leadership programs and opportunities. I don’t think “dream job” even begins to describe how I feel about this job. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing and can’t wait to get started. Don’t worry though, this won’t get in the way of the thrilling adventures of Rhett and Griff! In other news, you can now reduce the number of unemployed individuals with disabilities in Ontario by 1. While this may seem like a drop in a bucket, I think it’s important to remain positive on these things. After all, if someone is willing to employ me, that has gotta bode well for everyone else!

(No longer a hobo) Jeff

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