Come check out Visual Fringe!

Just a gentle reminder that your time to see our exhibit in Visual Fringe is quickly running out! If you haven’t yet, head down to the Arts Project to see some Cripz artwork in real life (as opposed to fake Internet life), including the original paintings and drawings used to create the comic. These original pieces are for sale at an extremely reasonable price so you can own a piece of Cripz history, but you better hurry because there is only one piece left available. Thank you to everyone who has purchased pieces so far–your money will go a long way to preventing Clara and Jeff from dying of starvation…or scurvy. Goooo oranges! On a semi-related note, you should seriously go check out the plays going on this year at the Fringe Festival. The talent is¬†unparalleled and we have yet to see a play that wasn’t 100% entertaining.¬†Support local artists and check it out before it’s too late.

Also, keep an eye out post-Fringe, as we will be opening a very modest Merch Shop here at where you can get your hands on some Cripz swag.

– Jeff & Clara

Oh and PS: every wish Clara happy birthday, it was yesterday. Hurray for birthdays!