Intervention: Ridiculous

Recently, the London Free Press printed a great article outlining the decision by London City Council to invest $12m to install audible cross walk buttons around the city. Unfortunately, the article was then followed up the next day with an absolutely brutal poll on the LFP’s website asking: “Spending $12M on London crosswalk traffic-light buttons… Continue reading Intervention: Ridiculous

Why I Missed the Emerging Leaders Relaunch Party

For those not in the know, last night was the Relaunch Party for a local non-profit called Emerging Leaders, an event I had been invited to but¬†regrettably¬†was not able to attend. For those who are curious as to why I did not go, they need look no further than the flight of stairs leading into… Continue reading Why I Missed the Emerging Leaders Relaunch Party

Come check out Visual Fringe!

Just a gentle reminder that your time to see our exhibit in Visual Fringe is quickly running out! If you haven’t yet, head down to the Arts Project to see some Cripz artwork in real life (as opposed to fake Internet life), including the original paintings and drawings used to create the comic. These original… Continue reading Come check out Visual Fringe!