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Yo — Clara hurr.

SO Kate’s finally meeting Griff.  What will this lead to?  Romance?  Murder?  Intrigue?  Only time will tell.

This blog would be longer and more interesting if my crappy Internet company that I’m too kind and polite to name here (nawt, it’s Tek Savvy) wasn’t screwing me around and making it difficult for me to write anything here but “GUH”.  For future reference: avoid Tek Savvy at all costs.

Oh, and today Kate’s wearing an outfit inspired by the illustrious Style Rookie.  That kid’s friggin’ awesome.  She’d hate Griff as much as Kate does right now. Oh, and she’s selling some of her clothes for Darfur @ Opening Ceremony!  Do a good thang yeee.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading and hope to see you next week.


– Clara