Friday Shout-Outs

For anyone on twitter, the idea of #FollowFriday is probably familiar, but for those of you who aren’t twits like me, every Friday on twitter people throw out recommendations of their favourite tweeters to educate people about good content that they may not have seen before. I’ve decided to do something similar here on Cripz, so check back every Friday to see some people I think are doing some great work:

Help get Natalie McDonald on TV!
The first Friday Shout-out goes to Natalie McDonald, a young girl whose an awesome advocate. I met Natalie a few years ago and think she’s going to have a big future. Recently she uploaded a rap about Easter Seals on YouTube and if she gets enough votes and enough views she’ll get her video on the Easter Seals telethon on CBC! How cool would that be? So take a few seconds and vote for her video on YouTube and check her out on Facebook here.

Tiger Blood Phil
An old friend from University is right in the thick of becoming Charlie Sheen’s new intern. Check Phil out on Facebook and helpĀ him land a pretty sweet gig.

Oh right, an election…..
With the government toppling moments earlier, check out three of my favourite federal politicos in London. Take your time over the next month to learn about all of the candidates, learn the issues, and vote for the person you think best represents you–that’s what democracy is all about!
Glen Pearson — Fire Fighter Super Hero
Doug Ferguson — Proof that not all lawyers are terrible people
Irene Mathysson — One of the people who made me realize politics don’t suck

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