Washington Trip — Day 1 — Ever get that feeling you’re about to drive to Washington?

Travel Log - Washington

That’s right gals and guys, it’s time again for another thrilling two weeks of travel blogging courtesy of Jeff and Clara. As you might remember, we blogged about our trip to Barcelona last summer, when Jeff went to meet Clara’s relatives and become a professional bull fighter. This time around, Clara is getting a taste of Americana and it’s gonna be like biting into a big warm slice of apple pie. Because of some scheduling stupidity on Jeff’s part, our trip is going to consist of several days sight-seeing in Washington DC, followed by a few days of family reunioning in Anderson, South Carolina, finalized with a few more days of sight-seeing in Washington DC.

But enough babbling, let’s get right into it. We left London this morning around 9:30 and, after discovering Jeff had forgotten our passports, we were officially on the road around 10. The border was slow, as expected, but we managed to get across in a little under two hours. Also note that Ali, Jeff’s PSW who is driving us, attempted to pick up a tattooed man in the car next to us and would later nearly get Jeff repossessed by the border guard when he asked “Are you importing anything to the USA?” and she replied “Only Jeff.” We’re pretty sure there are rules against importing cripple revolutionaries.

Shortly after getting into Americaland, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a “Pizza Plant” and Clara got her first glimpse at all-American obesity. At this pizza joint, they have created a “double-decker stuffed pizza” which essentially is like a birthday cake made with pizza. We’re guessing eating one of these monstrosities is probably like 4 medium pizzas. Of course, we were sitting beside two large men (one of whom was popping his diabetic pills washed down with a Pepsi–NOT diet) who would go on to eat said enormous pie in the time it took the 3 of us to eat a normal thin crust medium pizza.

Map of the USA with pins in it
Lotta Canucks passing through this rest stop...

God bless America.

The real joy of the day happened later, right before leaving New York state. As energy levels were beginning to run low and Jeff and Clara had both decided to take a nap, Ali noticed an interesting sign which announced the local Boy Scouts would be giving out free hot dogs and lemonade at the next rest stop. Of course, we stopped and were given some delicious free eats.

A list of places with pins beside them
Sure, I've never had a problem finding my hometown on a map, but this is AMERICA--the map should put the pin in for YOU.

Two interesting points. Number one is that the boy scouts had set up a map in front of their hot dog tent where they asked visitors to place a pin of where they’re from. Amazingly, there was already a pin from London, Ontario. Jerks. Of course the map was only of the USA and southern Ontario, so many┬átravelers┬áhad begun writing non-mapped locations along the side. While most of them were from Asia, we noticed that someone had hilariously written “Chicago” and placed a pin. If this didn’t round out the “Silly Americans” experience enough, we then discovered the rest stop had decided they would just hang urinal cakes from the ceiling fan in an effort to keep the air nice and fresh. It was largely a failed effort.

Once again, God bless America.

Bathroom ceiling fan with urinal cake attached by string
They probably figured "Why buy TWO air fresheners when these urinal cakes ARE air fresheners?" It's American industriousness at it's best.

In the end we stopped at Ali’s aunt and uncle’s place in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania for the night. Apparently that M Night Shyamalan movie, The Village, was filmed on this street. Tomorrow we’re going to re-enact the scene when the townsfolk see the airplane for the first time.

Until tomorrow,

– Jeff and Clara

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