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We think Drake might be a bit misinformed about why women get breast reduction surgery…

Yep. He actually said that. You can check out the full interview here.


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Aiight, so I had a hard time deciding what to do my final project on but Kate’s presentation last class kinda inspirationalized me.

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It got me thinkin’ about what men could be doin’ to help the ladies with the feminism stuff. You know, how to be more compassionate.

Chicks dig that crap, ya heard?

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So for my presentation I thought I would look at how one famous dude is changing the way we look at women.

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Oh dear…

Well this promises to be revolting…

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Of course, no artist is doing more for women than television wunderkind turn hip-hop superstar, Drake. After overcoming his devastating paraplegia caused by a gunshot wound, as depicted in the documentary Degrassi Junior High, he is now focusing all his attention to helping women.

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Not only does Drake write songs about ladies dressin’ all sexy and workin’ it, girl, in a recent interview on YouTube, like a good feminist, Drake explained how he keeps a chest full of bras from all the women he’s slept with, probably as a way of remembering them as people and not just objects.

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But more importantly, Drake took a firm stance against the savagery of breast reduction surgery, stating “I try and showcase the fact that women with a full chest is nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn’t go get them reduced because they’re beautiful, breasts are a beautiful thing.”

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Drake is right, ladies. Somewhere in the world right now a woman is being pressured by society to get her jugs reduced because they’re “so big they’re ugly.” Well no more! I want you to I too think big boobies are awesome and the feminist thing to do is just let those big ta-tas sing loud and proud.

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Now let’s take a moment to recognize a real hero in the fight against breast mutilation, Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham. Actor, Singer, Feminist revolutionary.

Much respect.

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