To The Lovely Business Owners of London

So, we love local businesses. Because we live downtown we frequent them almost exclusively. But we admit we kind of screwed around with them at last weekend’s Stairbomb (pictures of which can be seen here). Most people we talked to were unfazed, bemused or guiltily–but inactively–peeved by our little prank. But we realize some people… Continue reading To The Lovely Business Owners of London

This Saturday: Stairbomb With Us!

  Uh, what up criggaz. So, to celebrate the one-year-anniversary of this little comic we do, we’re trying to rile up Londoners with a bit of accessibility-focused direct action: we’re caution-taping stairways around this city on Saturday night after the Vote Mob in Victoria Park. We’re meeting by the bandshell at 7, with all the… Continue reading This Saturday: Stairbomb With Us!

Elementary, My Dear Watson

The Internets are all a-buzz about this Jeopardy-playing computer. Secretly, we hope it’s discovered days later that IBM just put a midget in a box to answer all the questions.┬áIf you get tired of trying to figure that reference out, check out this. First the War of 1812 and now this…if nothing else, Canada is… Continue reading Elementary, My Dear Watson

I’m A Squirrel

What up. Clara here, Jeff-less in Barcelona, just letting you know that yesterday I went to a former Jewish bath-house turned lesbian-run cafe and ate acorn pie. Acorn pie! And liqueur made of roses. If you’re wondering, the pastry was lovely but the liqueur was far too sweet. Anyway, if you’re in Barcelona, check out… Continue reading I’m A Squirrel

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