This Saturday: Stairbomb With Us!



Caution tape surrouding a construction site
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Uh, what up criggaz.

So, to celebrate the one-year-anniversary of this little comic we do, we’re trying to rile up Londoners with a bit of accessibility-focused direct action: we’re caution-taping stairways around this city on Saturday night after the Vote Mob in Victoria Park. We’re meeting by the bandshell at 7, with all the caution tape and awareness-signs being provided by Jeff & Clara.

Bring your friends, go to the Vote Mob, grab dinner at an accessible downtown eatery of your choice, and return to Vic Park at 7 to continue being an engaged citizen! Don’t forget to bring a camera so we can later spam the internet with confusing pictures of out-of-order stairways.

Your call whether you stairbomb half a staircase of forty of them. It’s a drop-in kinda thing so you don’t have to stick around long if you don’t want to, because we know you have, you know, lives.

Other than that, thanks a million for your support this past year :).

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