Wheels on the Bus Go Round, Sucka!

Here we go boys and girls, episode 2 of Cripz. This is dedicated to a very special person, our 500th viewer yesterday (whoever you may be). Also, this comic features a shout-out to The Morrissey House and their delicious, delicious fish and chips. For serious, the best fish and chips in London can be found at The Morrissey House (359… Continue reading Wheels on the Bus Go Round, Sucka!

A Bus All Our Own

Ugh. The first day of school. I would love to regale you with horror stories of my first day in high school, about how all the girls pointed and laughed, the jocks dunked me in a toilet, and I was forever labelled a social pariah…or “social piranha,” as the spell check recommends, which sounds infinitely… Continue reading A Bus All Our Own