Growing up in Port Elgin, there weren’t a lot of accessible sports opportunities for Jeff. While youth with disabilities who live in bigger cities, like London, have several options for adapted team sports, those fortunate enough to live in the rural world with few peers in wheelchairs are largely limited to individual sports like wheelchair… Continue reading Robo-linebacker

Celeb for a day

Today was the 15th annual Jeff Preston Celebrity Golf Tournament. Yea, I have a golf tournament named after me…it’s humbling,¬†embarrassing, and brag-worthy all at the same time. For the third year in a row, the skies opened up and poured rain on the little community of Saugeen Shores the night before the tournament, only to… Continue reading Celeb for a day

A mini-vacation

Clara and I decided to have a last minute escape from the city and head for cottage country to visit my parents and pick up puppy Kirzweil this weekend. Sometimes I forget how quiet and relaxing it is in Port Elgin, but I have to say Clara and I definitely enjoyed sitting in my parents… Continue reading A mini-vacation

A Bus All Our Own

Ugh. The first day of school. I would love to regale you with horror stories of my first day in high school, about how all the girls pointed and laughed, the jocks dunked me in a toilet, and I was forever labelled a social pariah…or “social piranha,” as the spell check recommends, which sounds infinitely… Continue reading A Bus All Our Own