Barcelona or bust

Today’s the big day, my flight to Barcelona. The drive to the airport was quite interesting, as people kept honking at us and looking generally pissed off. After spending about an hour on the 401 thinking that everyone in Toronto was still a bit pissy about that whole G20 thing we discovered upon arrival that my right turn signal was burnt out. So, my apologies to all the helpful Torontonians who I mistook for a-holes.

After getting through security without any problems, except for spending some time explaining the giant pair of scissors my mom put in my carry-on (looks like you won’t be getting those back mom), Melody and I are now relaxing in the terminal, awaiting our flight. Also, I failed the 24h Clock challenge: my flight is at 6:00 and not 4:00. Oh well, less time in the plane and more time laughing at the $35 copy of the first Twilight book the better.

Next time you hear from us, I’ll be with Clara in Barcelona!

Adios 🙂