Barcelona Travel Log — Day 1 — Jeff Sucks At Beating Jet Lag

Travel Log - Barcelona

As we were sitting here watching a brutally attacked man reach for corks on a shelf on a television soap opera we don’t understand, we decided to write a little blog post about how our trip is so far.

Things got off to a bad start for Jefferoo when the flight attendant came to his seat and asked “how do we remove the motor from your wheelchair?” After Jeff nearly fainted, Melody (Jeff’s aid) was sent to the cockpit to encourage them to maybe not dismantle the poor chair. With some frantic negotiation, a cryptic message of “nevermind, we figured it out” was transmitted and Jeff was left to worry about what they could have possibly done to his mobility for the next two weeks.

Otherwise, the flight was fine, despite the fact that Jeff didn’t get to watch How To Train Your Dragon like Clara and her How To Train Your Dragon Fanboy Father (seriously, it was his favourite movie since Apocalypto also howbout that wife abuse/racism, Mel?)

By far the best part of the trip so far for Jeff was coming through security and seeing Clara come running to meet him.  (Honestly, I, Clara, didn’t even write that without his permission).  Jeff’s backup plan if Clara hadn’t been there was to pretend he was one of the people whose name was written on one of those signs cab drivers et al. carry at arrival gates, and hope for the best.  Who knows, maybe Jeff would be on his way to see the king right now.  Instead, he has some girlfriend who won’t let him sleep because goddamnit he won’t become accustomed to the time difference for DAYS at this rate.

Also, we should point out that while Air Canada did not remove the motor of Jeff’s chair they did manage to bend both armrests and the head rest, as well as apparently smash the battery charger.

That’s right folks, for those of you keeping track, Jeff is now 0 for 2 in European vacations and functional battery chargers.  So, much like in Britain two years ago, our first day together where Jeff actually gets out of bed will be spent hunting down a new charger or whatever.  Sigh.

Otherwise, the day has been quite lovely, and Jeff is blown away by how beautiful this city is.  Clara is blown away by how much Jeff can sleep (sigh).  The hotel is great, and we can’t wait to start actually leaving it.  However, Jeff will probably spend most of our time in the city asleep if today is any indication.

Anyway, peace out y’all and hope all is well in Internet-land. Cheers,

– Clara and Jeff