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Isn’t it sort of weird that we have “disabled” sports teams? While we understand the need for Special Olympics and Paralympics, theoretically speaking, it seems strange that we’ve developed leagues for people who are lacking ability. Isn’t the point of sport, at it’s core, to celebrate ultimate ability? Of course, we’re not advocating for the end of all disabled sports, but rather, advocating for MORE specialized leagues! Fat people sports? Short people sports? Sports for people whose legs aren’t symmetrical? We think there’s a huge growth potential here. It always upsets Jeff though when he hears about disabled athletes who are good enough to compete with the “big kids,” but they’re blocked for some unknown reason (meet: The Blade Runner)

Anyway, like Griff, Jeff is debating whether or not he should grow a dirty ‘stache for Movember. The biggest barrier is his complete and total inability to grow a mustache without looking like a sex offender.

Also, Kate’s outfit today is from the lovely Kansas Couture, who also had an absolutely fantastic Halloween costume.

In other news, we’ve seen some good growth on our fanpage but we need more (always mooooore) so if you can take a second or two and invite a friend or two that’d be great!

– Jeff & Clara

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