Rampway to Heaven

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember the end goal of an advocate or activist action. In the heat of the moment, when all the chips are on the table, it’s hard to keep it about the objective and not the fight. Perhaps it’s our competitive nature or just emotions gone wild, but the death of so… Continue reading Rampway to Heaven


Growing up in Port Elgin, there weren’t a lot of accessible sports opportunities for Jeff. While youth with disabilities who live in bigger cities, like London, have several options for adapted team sports, those fortunate enough to live in the rural world with few peers in wheelchairs are largely limited to individual sports like wheelchair… Continue reading Robo-linebacker


Isn’t it sort of weird that we have “disabled” sports teams? While we understand the need for Special Olympics and Paralympics, theoretically speaking, it seems strange that we’ve developed leagues for people who are lacking ability. Isn’t the point of sport, at it’s core, to celebrate ultimate ability? Of course, we’re not advocating for the… Continue reading Movember