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Clara is drowning in a sea of essays, midterms and group projects so I’m on my own this week. Apologies for any typos, nonsense, and tomfoolery–Clara is responsible to ensure none of those things happen.

Hope you enjoyed the episode and Clara and I would like to dedicate this song to the teachers in Wisconsin and this video to everyone who believes in truth and honesty in the media.

A later addendum from Clara:

I overheard some kids at the Y talking about how they “can’t swim in the Y pools. They let disabled people swim there and when they pee they don’t even know that they’re peeing. I do want to be a lifeguard there though. Like because you don’t have to ever go in the water these days. Lifeguards just pull people out with sticks.”

This, Wisconsin, is why it is important to treat teachers well, so as to attract and retain good ones and motivate teachers to do something about kids like this (I mean at the very least, if they don’t even know when they’re peeing, how can they tell you if they’re drowning?)

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