Comic History: Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Comic History: Stephen Hawking

Today’s episode is the first in a new series we’re calling “Comic History,” which depicts real events that have happened to Clara and Jeff which were simply too funny/astonishing to not share with everyone. Please be clear, these are real events that are as accurate representations of what happened as possible.

Our first offering happened several months ago when Clara and Jeff were walking to Starbucks and an individual carrying more bags than he knew what to do with approached them, stared at Jeff intensely and launched the following conversation. Sometimes being stuck at those red lights is absolute murder because you have no where to run. Anyway, the encounter left us wondering did he A) really want to talk to us about Kurzweil and just ran out of things to talk about, B) really wanted to yell at someone about what Hawking had said and someone in a wheelchair seemed appropriate, or C) did seeing the wheelchair and the chocolate lab, together, provide him with a genuine eureka moment where the mysteries of the world suddenly pulled back and with unclouded vision he discovered the secret of our origins?

We may never know.

Maybe Stephen Hawking will write about it in his next book?

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