Things You Shouldn’t Ask Strangers

Things You Shouldn’t Ask Strangers

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We interrupt our regular scheduled program for a story too good to be true. Yep, this actually happened a few days ago in downtown London. While it’s not the first time someone has simply assumed the girl with Jeff must be his nurse, and likely won’t be the last it happens either, it was definitely the most blunt. Jeff finds it extremely frustrating to have people continually assume the only reason he would be with a girl is if he’s related to her or he’s paying her to keep him alive. The unfortunately side of this experience is the guy did seem genuinely lonely. Maybe he wanted to ask Clara out?

Well anyway, if it makes you feel any better he didn’t actually sulk away…at least not all of the way. He sulked for a few steps until busting out some pretty radtacular Michael Jackson dance moves down Dundas Street. Evidently, Billie Jean was not his lover either.

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