Things You Shouldn’t Ask Strangers

We interrupt our regular scheduled program for a story too good to be true. Yep, this actually happened a few days ago in downtown London. While it’s not the first time someone has simply assumed the girl with Jeff must be his nurse, and likely won’t be the last it happens either, it was definitely… Continue reading Things You Shouldn’t Ask Strangers

Operation: Stairbomb London

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Cripz: A Webcomic going online, we’re asking everyone to grab their caution tape and shut down as many stairways as possible. What is Stairbombing? Stairbombing was invented to help people understand (and empathize) with why accessibility is important, by “closing down” stairways with caution tape and a snarky “Out… Continue reading Operation: Stairbomb London

Movin’ home to London, Ontario

For the last few years, Jeff has hosted all of his websites with a company based out of California with limited success. While the space was adequate and the prices right, the tech support was awful and he was tired of all the long distance bills from waiting on hold for hours on end. Ultimately,… Continue reading Movin’ home to London, Ontario