Part-time Job

Part-time Job
Part-time Job
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I’m just thankful I have the proper permits…those mall cops take those stickers quite seriously. In other news, what exactly has Griff killed for?


Cell 01

Are you going to sign up for ODSP?

Cell 02

I’m stackin’ too much paper my part-time job so I don’t qualify.

Cell 03

S’okay though, I kinda dig gettin’ my swag the ol’ fashion way. Got a real sweet position too. Lots of authority.

Cell 04
Image of Griff rolling up to a mother and two young kids at the wheelchair table in the food court.

Ma’am, you got a proper permit to be sitting at the handicapped table?

Um, no? We’re just eating lunch.

Cell 05
Griff pulls out a crowbar.

Ya’ll best be steppin’ off then. And if you be resistin’, I’m not above brutalizing a woman in front of her progeny.

Cell 06
Woman and children running away, Griff looking philosophical.

People be thinkin’ this sticker is just a joke or something. It ain’t. I’ve killed for less, lady.

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