Forced Labour

This episode is dedicated to the fine folks at rTraction, a local web design company, who donate SO much time, money and energy to making London a better place. You don’t see that too often from a private business and they’re a business we can and should be really proud of. Keep up the great… Continue reading Forced Labour

Signs you need to find a new driving school

Was leaving my condo on Friday when I snapped this gem of a photo. Note that this is the exact same handicapped spot where I found a police car and city official in the summer. While not as great as the cop car, I think finding a Driving School Instructor parked in a handicap spot… Continue reading Signs you need to find a new driving school

Stairbombing — Central Secondary School

As a person with a disability, Jeff has always had a contentious relationship with stairs. While taken for granted by most, to Jeff, a flight of stairs is a sign that boldly states “Not Welcome.” We are quick to make up excuses as to why we can’t make buildings accessible, like they’re too old or… Continue reading Stairbombing — Central Secondary School