Stairbombing — Central Secondary School

As a person with a disability, Jeff has always had a contentious relationship with stairs. While taken for granted by most, to Jeff, a flight of stairs is a sign that boldly states “Not Welcome.” We are quick to make up excuses as to why we can’t make buildings accessible, like they’re too old or… Continue reading Stairbombing — Central Secondary School

Welcome to Flavour Country

Howdy sports fans, it’s Jeff here flying solo. It’s almost been a week since Clara left and I miss her. Kurzweil misses her too, he keeps tugging to go to her house when we’re out on our nightly walks. Anyway, another week another comic. It seems like it’s been a long time since the last… Continue reading Welcome to Flavour Country


First things first, it’s time to announce the winner of our FIRST Cripz Competition. Several weeks ago we asked for you to find the philosopher hidden within the comic. The winner is…..(drum roll)…Kate Deacon for spotting Michel Foucault in panel 8. Congratulations! So the boys have finally arrived at school, how exciting. Jeff wanted to point… Continue reading Multiplicity

A Door All Our Own

This comic is dedicated to National Accessibility Awareness Week here in Canada. Did you know it was National Accessibility Awareness Week? Glad to know you’re aware of the awareness. To celebrate this momentous holiday, and our first month of comics, we are holding our first ever CRIPZ CONTEST!! How does it work? Simple. We will ask… Continue reading A Door All Our Own

My Criggas are some Criggas that You Don’t Wanna Try

Today Clara and I will be attending PodCamp London and to celebrate, we decided to release episode 3 a little early! If you’re at PodCamp right now, come say hi. If you’re not at PodCamp, at least you get an early comic right? Make sure you check back on Wednesday for another thrilling installment of Cripz!