Strange Neighbours

Yep, even though we’re on vacation we still put together a new comic for you guys–is that love or what? Jeff flew solo on this one–did you catch the satire? Clara didn’t…read it again. Think…..history….. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how Americans are all “DO IT OR I’LL SHOOT YOU” and Canadians are… Continue reading Strange Neighbours

Happy Canada Day from Cripz: A Webcomic

We interrupt our regular programming for a quick “Happy Canada Day” to our Canadian readers and a somber “For the love of God, put down that box of M80s and can of gasoline” to our friends from the south. Hopefully now it makes sense why we aren’t quite as…exuberant…with our national birthday celebration now. It’s… Continue reading Happy Canada Day from Cripz: A Webcomic