Who Wears Short-Shorts

This episode is actually a set-up to next week’s episode, which will be the MOVIE EVENT OF THE SUMMER. That’s right kids, Cripz is goin’ to the movies next Wednesday so get your 3D Glasses and popcorn ready because we’re gonna put that jerk-off James Cameron to SHAME!

Intervention: Volume 2 — Western (un)Fair

Some other reasons not to go to a fair… Babies (and pre-teens, who are like babies only they kick harder when you pinch their cheeks). Games you can never win…it’s like being a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Carnies. There are carnies at fairs still, right? Vomiting (both food and ride related). Cattle wrangling/Cock… Continue reading Intervention: Volume 2 — Western (un)Fair