Movin’ home to London, Ontario

For the last few years, Jeff has hosted all of his websites with a company based out of California with limited success. While the space was adequate and the prices right, the tech support was awful and he was tired of all the long distance bills from waiting on hold for hours on end. Ultimately, we really wanted to support a local webhost with our business, especially if it meant better customer service. Over the past week or so, Jeff has been working with the unbelievable staff of Orpheum Hosting Solutions (a local London hosting company) and we’re proud to announce Cripz is now and forevermore will be hosted by Orpheum.

We just wanted to take a second to thank Derek and Mike from Orpheum for going ABOVE and BEYOND the call to get everything set up. They say on their website that Orpheum has “unrivaled support,” and our experience absolutely speaks to this statement. Jeff has never had a hosting company take such a personal interest in getting everything up and running, including LOTS of handholding when transferring over databases and setting permissions. Derek and Mike genuinely care about the customer and we fully endorse them as our webhost of choice.

If you need hosting and you want to shop locally, look no further than Orpheum Hosting Solutions–they’re competitively priced and will take care of you like no other. That’s a Cripz Guarantee.

And no, we didn’t get paid to say this–we legitimately love those crazy guys over at Orpheum and if you get some hosting from them, you’ll understand why!

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