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Growing up in Port Elgin, there weren’t a lot of accessible sports opportunities for Jeff. While youth with disabilities who live in bigger cities, like London, have several options for adapted team sports, those fortunate enough to live in the rural world with few peers in wheelchairs are largely limited to individual sports like wheelchair racing or swimming. Given his lack of physical strength, most individual sports were out of the question for Jeff, leaving him out of luck. Being the loving (and abusive) sister that she is, Trish wouldn’t let Jeff sit at the sidelines and feel sorry for himself, often involving him in unorganized team sports like street hockey. As it turns out, Jeff and Trish soon discovered there were certain advantages to having a big clunky wheelchair. Sure, Jeff wasn’t going to be winning the scoring race, but given that his scooter filled almost the entire net he was a born goaltender. Good luck scoring on that goalie, kiddies.

Sometimes it’s not what you cannot do, but what you can do…when competing against children in a 400lbs electric wheelchair…

Also if you didn’t understand the punch line, check this video out here, specifically around the 2:20 mark.

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