Rampway to Heaven

Rampway to Heaven
Rampway to Heaven
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Sometimes it’s difficult to remember the end goal of an advocate or activist action. In the heat of the moment, when all the chips are on the table, it’s hard to keep it about the objective and not the fight. Perhaps it’s our competitive nature or just emotions gone wild, but the death of so many activist actions seems to be when they become more about fighting the fight than righting a wrong or making things better. To make matters worse, some people become intentionally difficult or abrasive in hopes of escalating the situation, thinking that’s the best way to get what you want.

If we could offer once piece of advice to aspiring activists out there is to not look at things like Rhett does in this comic–don’t wish for conflict or escalation. Approach every advocacy or activist action with the exclusive goal of making things better–not just winning the fight.

And today, Kate’s wearing an outfit from the lovely Homerun Ballerina.


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