Join the Army

Dear Michigan Militia who may be reading this comic. Please don’t mistake us for Red Coats the next time we’re in Michigan. Thank you, Jeff & Clara PS: Welcome to Season 4 of Cripz. Yay! TRANSCRIPT: Cell 01 CAPTION: First day back to school Rhett: Man, it feels like we just left this placeā€¦ Griff:… Continue reading Join the Army

Definitions of Truth

It’s interesting how people can leave out/manipulate facts to support their arguments. Che Guevara was a bad man because he murdered people. Barack Obama is a good President because he isn’t closing down Guantanamo Bay as promised. Fact really just depends on how you look at things. Having said that, it’s a fact that Sessionals… Continue reading Definitions of Truth

Pros and Cons of Internet Research

Jeff wasn’t sure what to say on this blog. Clara suggested to just say “Sup, here’s an episode.” So, S’up? Here’s an episode. Also, this episode goes out to all the awesome players who attended the CEWHA Allied Cup Electric Wheelchair Hockey Tournament in London this previous weekend. It was an awesome tournament and Jeff… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Internet Research

Cripz Goes to the Movies: Captain America

With the recent release of blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger, it seemed only fitting to take a swipe at it. We think the movie would have been much better if this is how the experiment had turned out… It’s a shame there weren’t any disabled characters in the movie. Why don’t they ever have… Continue reading Cripz Goes to the Movies: Captain America

Washington Trip – Day 12 – The Final Countdown

Today is our last full day in Washington and the plan was to take it relatively easy as we have a solid +14h drive home to Port Elgin tomorrow. The plan was to get up and hit Georgetown University to check out the bookstore and then a quick hop back to the mall to finish… Continue reading Washington Trip – Day 12 – The Final Countdown