Operation: Stairbomb London

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Cripz: A Webcomic going online, we’re asking everyone to grab their caution tape and shut down as many stairways as possible. What is Stairbombing? Stairbombing was invented to help people understand (and empathize) with why accessibility is important, by “closing down” stairways with caution tape and a snarky “Out… Continue reading Operation: Stairbomb London

A Very Cripzy Christmas

In the spirit of spending some time over the holidays with our families, we are going to be taking the rest of December off from Cripz. We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday with lots of family, gifts, and more food than you can shake a cane at…and then eat said cane. See… Continue reading A Very Cripzy Christmas

Why I Missed the Emerging Leaders Relaunch Party

For those not in the know, last night was the Relaunch Party for a local non-profit called Emerging Leaders, an event I had been invited to but regrettably was not able to attend. For those who are curious as to why I did not go, they need look no further than the flight of stairs leading into… Continue reading Why I Missed the Emerging Leaders Relaunch Party

My Criggas are some Criggas that You Don’t Wanna Try

Today Clara and I will be attending PodCamp London and to celebrate, we decided to release episode 3 a little early! If you’re at PodCamp right now, come say hi. If you’re not at PodCamp, at least you get an early comic right? Make sure you check back on Wednesday for another thrilling installment of Cripz!