Washington – Day 11 – Wicked

Jeff woke up this morning in a bit of a funk–his allergies had finally gotten the best of him. What he’s allergic to, we may never know, so let’s just assume it’s “freedom.” After popping some Claritin we were off to enjoy a day of artistic discovery at the National Art Gallery. Note, we finally… Continue reading Washington – Day 11 – Wicked

Go see “Time To Put My Socks On” or else!

Just a heads up that a fabulous show starring disabled comedian Alan Shain is on TONIGHT in Ottawa at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre studio. The show is apparently fantastic, so says a savvy reviewer here. If you’re in Ottawa and looking for a gay ol’ night on the town, head over and see a… Continue reading Go see “Time To Put My Socks On” or else!