Well that doesn’t look good…

In case you missed it, a few months back my life long dream of catching a police car parked in a handicapped parking zone came true: it wouldn’t have been so funny if it wasn’t so sad and absurd at the same time. Absurdity has struck again in London, as yesterday on my walk to… Continue reading Well that doesn’t look good…

Go see “Time To Put My Socks On” or else!

Just a heads up that a fabulous show starring disabled comedian Alan Shain is on TONIGHT in Ottawa at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre studio. The show is apparently fantastic, so says a savvy reviewer here. If you’re in Ottawa and looking for a gay ol’ night on the town, head over and see a… Continue reading Go see “Time To Put My Socks On” or else!

A Special Announcement

From the moment I was diagnosed at 3 months old with Congenital, Muscular Dystrophy my parents raised me to be a fighter. While my parents acknowledged there would be challenges, they truly believed life with a disability did not have to be a life of no ability. It is because of their undying support that I have… Continue reading A Special Announcement

Dating Advice…!

So, I’m toying with the idea of starting a mini dating advice column here.  Depending on the response, of course.  So if you’re sick of posting on Craigslist and following girls into alleys to no avail, and you want some dating advice, disability-related or otherwise, email me at clara@cripz.ca.  I’m an expert, you see, because… Continue reading Dating Advice…!

Funny Kids with Disability

So I was checking out the google analytics for the website when I discovered one brilliant gentleman found our site by googling “funny kids with disability.” What could he possibly been searching for? Are kids with disabilities funnier than kids without disabilities? Does this individual only appreciate the comedy stylings of youth with limitations? A… Continue reading Funny Kids with Disability