Pros and Cons of Internet Research

Jeff wasn’t sure what to say on this blog. Clara suggested to just say “Sup, here’s an episode.” So, S’up? Here’s an episode. Also, this episode goes out to all the awesome players who attended the CEWHA Allied Cup Electric Wheelchair Hockey Tournament in London this previous weekend. It was an awesome tournament and Jeff… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Internet Research

Cripz Goes to the Movies: Captain America

With the recent release of blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger, it seemed only fitting to take a swipe at it. We think the movie would have been much better if this is how the experiment had turned out… It’s a shame there weren’t any disabled characters in the movie. Why don’t they ever have… Continue reading Cripz Goes to the Movies: Captain America

Strange Neighbours

Yep, even though we’re on vacation we still put together a new comic for you guys–is that love or what? Jeff flew solo on this one–did you catch the satire? Clara didn’t…read it again. Think…..history….. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how Americans are all “DO IT OR I’LL SHOOT YOU” and Canadians are… Continue reading Strange Neighbours

Community Theatre

Have you ever noticed how City Hall seems to always, subtly and not so subtly, pit issues against each other? Oh, they’d love to put more money into the LTC, but those environmentalists just haaaaad to have their compost program. Sorry about your luck little Timmy. If Jeff is ever Mayor, he’s going to stop the… Continue reading Community Theatre

Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Music

Have you ever met one of those people who goes on and on about how they want to learn how to play music and think they’d be a great musician but never do anything to advance their musical skills? Yea, Jeff is one of those people. Tune in next week though to hear Griff’s revolutionary… Continue reading Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Music

Forming a Community

Jeff had a wonderful time this weekend in Ottawa at the Youth Activist Forum. A huge, huge thanks to Chrissy, Dale and Erika for putting on such an amazing conference and a big tip o’ the hat to Citizens with Disabilities–Ontario for making it all possible. Unfortunately, Clara had to work and missed all the… Continue reading Forming a Community