Barcelona Travel Log — Day 2 — “I can too beat jet la..zzzzzzzzz”

Jeff here. Despite what everyone said, Jeff managed to sleep the whooooole night last night without any problem. Jeff was absolutely dead to the world. After such a huge sleep, it was finally time to tackle the battery charger problem. Before coming to Barcelona, I found a website dedicated to accessibility here and included on… Continue reading Barcelona Travel Log — Day 2 — “I can too beat jet la..zzzzzzzzz”

An Intervention: Fact vs Fiction

This week’s comic is the first in a many, many part series called “Interventions,” in which Rhett and Griff comment on some topical issues that have been bouncing around in the media, especially those particularly insane or ludicrous (or Ludacris…dependent on your tastes). Today’s steaming pile of brilliance comes from the Balmy Beach area of Toronto, where a… Continue reading An Intervention: Fact vs Fiction

A mini-vacation

Clara and I decided to have a last minute escape from the city and head for cottage country to visit my parents and pick up puppy Kirzweil this weekend. Sometimes I forget how quiet and relaxing it is in Port Elgin, but I have to say Clara and I definitely enjoyed sitting in my parents… Continue reading A mini-vacation

A Special Announcement

From the moment I was diagnosed at 3 months old with Congenital, Muscular Dystrophy my parents raised me to be a fighter. While my parents acknowledged there would be challenges, they truly believed life with a disability did not have to be a life of no ability. It is because of their undying support that I have… Continue reading A Special Announcement

“Oh…That’s So Nice Of You.”

Yo.  Clara here. The title of this post is something people occasionally say to me.  Not because I give millions to charity (I don’t) or am an organ donor (I am!  But I’m protective of my organs and will haunt whoever gets them, asking for them back, please) or help old ladies across the street… Continue reading “Oh…That’s So Nice Of You.”