Make Yourself Miserable or Make Yourself Useful

“The truth is, if I actually spent my days actively paying attention to every example of misogyny around me, I would be a profoundly unhappy woman. Not bitchy or grumpy or short-tempered, but paralyzingly depressed. Women have to train themselves to avoid consciously reacting to every bit of misogynistic detritus permeating the culture through which… Continue reading Make Yourself Miserable or Make Yourself Useful

Wheelchair, engage!

Wheelchair controls come in all shapes and sizes. My electric chair is controlled through a pretty traditional joystick system, but I have friends who control their chairs with things like sensors on their headrest or a straw that controls the chair through blows and sucks. But apparently the people at MIT are working on a… Continue reading Wheelchair, engage!

Hulk SMASH!!

The subject of disabled characters and able-bodied actors has been coming up again and again over the past few days so Clara and I decided to do a little comic about Glee and our feelings on most movies involving characters with disabilities. This episode is dedicated to Cherylee Houston, a disabled actress who plays the “feisty new girlfriend”… Continue reading Hulk SMASH!!

A Special Announcement

From the moment I was diagnosed at 3 months old with Congenital, Muscular Dystrophy my parents raised me to be a fighter. While my parents acknowledged there would be challenges, they truly believed life with a disability did not have to be a life of no ability. It is because of their undying support that I have… Continue reading A Special Announcement

The SHUN in Fashion

No matter how you slice it, the clothes we wear are important. Not only do our clothes provide warmth and protection from the harsh Southwestern Ontario climate, they are also key in the exposition of our identity to the outside world. Through our clothing, we tell people a little story about who we are, what… Continue reading The SHUN in Fashion

Dating Advice…!

So, I’m toying with the idea of starting a mini dating advice column here.  Depending on the response, of course.  So if you’re sick of posting on Craigslist and following girls into alleys to no avail, and you want some dating advice, disability-related or otherwise, email me at  I’m an expert, you see, because… Continue reading Dating Advice…!

High School: A Short Essay by Griffin Moonlove

In my experience, people seem to have very bizarre memories from their time in high school. Most adults will rant and rave about how it was the best time of their life and how they wish they could just go back to that time. Frankly, high school sucked…and I think if you think really hard… Continue reading High School: A Short Essay by Griffin Moonlove


Yo.  Clara here in Jeff’s stead (he’s off hanging with Rick Hansen, f’realz).  Just stopping in to let all two people reading this know that this exists.  Like people of WalMart, but featuring people less innocently pathetic and more willfully jerkish.  This guy‘s by far my favourite.  He looks like he could just move right… Continue reading Seat-Robbers!

Funny Kids with Disability

So I was checking out the google analytics for the website when I discovered one brilliant gentleman found our site by googling “funny kids with disability.” What could he possibly been searching for? Are kids with disabilities funnier than kids without disabilities? Does this individual only appreciate the comedy stylings of youth with limitations? A… Continue reading Funny Kids with Disability